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[iOS – Swift] Create API Wrapper With Alamofire ?>

[iOS – Swift] Create API Wrapper With Alamofire

  In this section I’ll show you how to create an API Wrapper with Alamofire library in Swift. If you want to develop in Objective-C then you should check this post Let’s dive into it! 1. Installation Once again, I recommend to use Pod to install external library. Open the Pod file of your project and use this code to install Alamofire:

Then open terminal and:

Installation should be done without any errors. For others way to…

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[iOS] – Create API wrapper with AFNetworking ?>

[iOS] – Create API wrapper with AFNetworking

Okay, so why¬†AFNetworking? Well, this is a small quote from github: Perhaps the most important feature of all, however, is the amazing community of developers who use and contribute to AFNetworking every day. AFNetworking powers some of the most popular and critically-acclaimed apps on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. That’s enough for a library right? Let’s start! 1. Installation There are some way to install the library, I choose the Pods method because it’s simple and easy to upgrade after….

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